As the first full stack electric skateboard experience center in San Diego, we are here to service and support San Diego’s growing ESK8 community with our ever-expanding knowledge base and complete commitment to micromobility.

PLEASE READ: Currently there are tons of cheap electric skateboards being drop-shipped directly from overseas factories that are not actively supported by the brands selling them. This can be an issue when they break, as parts may not be easily available.

If you’re even a little hands-on, we always recommend searching on YouTube/Reddit to level up your knowledge and get tips to troubleshoot/repair your own electric skateboard, as the DIY ESK8 community is very active and helpful.

As a business, however, time is money, and though we are here to help, we must charge a minimum to engage our time & expertise on any potential repairs:

We charge $85 upon scheduling to troubleshoot your electric skateboard (if you purchased the board from us there is no charge).

Cost after that will depend on the parts and time required to complete the repair. 

Of course, after our diagnostic inspection you’re under no obligation to complete any recommended repairs/modifications with us, that’s totally up to you.

At the very LEAST you will be empowered with new knowledge that allows you to take your repair journey in the DIY direction.

At MOST we can do the work and get your board back on the road, running better than it ever has.

If you’ve purchased a low-end electric skateboard and don’t think spending $85 to find out what’s wrong is worth it, we understand.

A general lack of parts and support is just the inherent downside one has to accept when buying directly from overseas factories or domestic “sticker-brands” that sell products they don’t actually design or build themselves.

ESK8 is a great activity surrounded by an amazing community.  To maximize your experience, we always recommend buying a higher quality product from companies/individuals that stand by their builds, actively manage their component supply chains and provide live customer support via a US telephone number.

Afterall, $2k+ may seem like a lot of cake for a high-quality electric skateboard, but after you’ve had a few $500 boards fail on you, you really start to see the advantage.

Thanks for reading, and please call with any ESK8 questions, that’s ALWAYS FREE!


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